Zebu Peel Off Decals

7"x9"       $9.00

12"x16"   $13.00

Zebu Magnetic Sticker 9"x12"    $20.00


Padded Binder for Records


Royal Blue, Black or Brown

Zebu farmers and owners take pride in their Zebus and what better way than to stock up on a few essential items or maybe a novelty or two.. So, we thought we'd share some of the things we use here at Heart of Dixie Zebus. Whether a hobby or a business these products will serve you well.

View products, put your name and number in the contact form. In comments give a good time to call and we will fill your order with shipping by phone. We accept VISA, MC, Discover and American Express or PayPal to dixieszebus@yahoo.com

12'x12" Aluminum Sign


Birthing Checklist



Custom Padded Binder


Royal Blue, Black or Brown

12'x12" Aluminum Sign


Zebu Products for Your Farm

Zebu Custom Magnetic Sign

9"x12"    $25.00

Heart of Dixie Zebus

Custom Picture Stickers

3"x4"      $4.00

5"x7"      $12.00

12"x12"  $16.00


    Custom Bumper Stickers       

                  $10.00 ea

Custom Mouse Pad


Zebu Info Aluminum Sign


Health & ID Record Forms



Zebu Imprinted Coffee Cup


Custom T-Shirts





Zebu Custom License Frames