Zebu Custom License Frames


Zebu Imprinted Coffee Cup


12'x12" Aluminum Sign


Health & ID Record Forms




    Custom Bumper Stickers       

                  $10.00 ea


Custom Picture Stickers

3"x4"      $4.00

5"x7"      $12.00

12"x12"  $16.00

12'x12" Aluminum Sign


Zebu Info Aluminum Sign


Zebu Peel Off Decals

7"x9"       $9.00

12"x16"   $13.00

Zebu Magnetic Sticker 9"x12"    $20.00

Custom Padded Binder


Royal Blue, Black or Brown

Custom T-Shirts





Padded Binder for Records


Royal Blue, Black or Brown

Zebu Products for Your Farm

Heart of Dixie Zebus

Custom Mouse Pad


Birthing Checklist



Zebu farmers and owners take pride in their Zebus and what better way than to stock up on a few essential items or maybe a novelty or two.. So, we thought we'd share some of the things we use here at Heart of Dixie Zebus. Whether a hobby or a business these products will serve you well.

View products, put your name and number in the contact form. In comments give a good time to call and we will fill your order with shipping by phone. We accept VISA, MC, Discover and American Express or PayPal to dixieszebus@yahoo.com

Zebu Custom Magnetic Sign

9"x12"    $25.00